Are Deep Set Eyes Attractive?

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Deep-set eyes are eyes that are located deep within the skull. But are deep-set eyes attractive?

Deep-set eyes are conventionally attractive. They are associated with good craniofacial development. A person’s eyes can uniquely convey emotions and feelings without the need for words. That is why many people wonder if their deep-set eyes are attractive.

Daily compliments come as no surprise for men and women with deep-set eyes. 

Facial Features that Make Eyes Attractive

The eyes are arguably one of the most important facial features affecting a person’s appearance. It is a fact that eyes influence most people’s opinions about you.

Bella Hadid, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney are world-famous celebrities whose deep-set eyes make them highly attractive.

However, having beautiful eyes does not only depend on deep eyes. A good mix and balance between the other features of the eye area contribute to an aesthetically pleasing eye area. 

The most attractive type of eyes, hunter eyes, are considered the ideal eyes for men, vertically narrow and deeply set.

Orbital Structure of the Eye

The orbits are the bones around the eyeball offering support. They are one of the most important parts of the eyes. When they are young, the orbits are small and dense. A study showed that the bony elements of the orbits change significantly with age.

The bones erode so that they recede, leading to a loss of support around the eyes. Such a change has a significant impact on the aesthetics of the eye.

Horizontally wide eyes are attractive in both men and women. Note that male and female models with large eyes are more attractive than those with other eye shapes.

People with vertically compact and horizontally wide eye socket bones usually have attractive-looking eyes. As a result, the eye area appears straight and not curved.

Shape of the Eyelids

Eye shape is one of the most important aspects of eye attractiveness. Beautiful eyes have wide, curved, mound-shaped eyelids, also known as almond eyes.

The lower eyelid seems to start higher than the inner and outer curves.

Gisele Bündchen has almond-shaped eyes and an ideal eye shape for women.

Exposure of the Upper Eyelid

One of the facial features that contribute to eye attractiveness is the lack of exposure of the upper eyelid.

Low-set eyes, by definition, do not have an exposed upper eyelid. They have a masculine appearance. Therefore, they are more attractive in men than in women.

Some women choose to have this feature corrected. However, excessive exposure of the upper eyelid is also unattractive in women.

Thick Eyelashes

Another element that contributes to attractive eyes is eyelashes. Eyelashes serve as a frame for the eyes, just as hair frames the head. But long eyelashes are a masculine feature.

This means that women apply mascara to look more masculine. However, the fact is that thick eyelashes create a beautiful and appealing eye contour. You could also consider them a universal beauty feature.

Interpupillary Distance

The interpupillary distance is the distance between a person’s pupils. The correct distance between the eyes is crucial for aesthetic value. Eyes that are the correct distance apart look normal. On the other hand, if the eyes are too far apart, your appearance will look less attractive.

Your interpupillary distance should be approximately the distance between your nostril and upper lip. The nasal bone is a reference point that usually requires an x-ray, but it is usually 4-5 mm above its medial edge and 2-3 mm below the eyebrow line.

Slope of the Edge

When a line is drawn between the inner and outer corners of the eye, it is the canthal slope. A positive canthal tilt tends to be more feminine, while a neutral canthal tilt tends to be more masculine.

However, a negative canthal tilt can be unattractive because negative tilts cause the eye to droop in the corners.

What is Mewing?

If you want to improve the contours of your eyes, try mewing. Mewing is nothing more than the correct position of the tongue, which almost none of us do all the time. When you first hear about mewing, you will be surprised.

Most people can’t believe that the tongue in its proper place can change facial features. In mewing, developed by Dr. Mew, the tongue is positioned correctly to control facial growth and achieve better form and function.

Dr. Mew uses this technique primarily with children because their bones are still malleable, but it also works with adults, although to a lesser extent.  The changes that mewing causes in the overall facial structure lead to an improvement in the eye area.

Consistent mewing over a long period can cause an upper jaw to develop and grow forward, resulting in improved facial features such as deep-set eyes, a chiseled jawline, and high cheekbones.