Is There a CBD Cream? What You Need to Know!

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There are many ways to use cannabidiol (CBD), but is there a CBD cream?

Yes, there is CBD cream. A topical CBD product is a cream, lotion, or balm that is infused with CBD and can be applied directly to the skin. If you are looking for ways to relieve pain or treat skin conditions, a topical product may be your best option.

Read on to learn what you should know about these product types and some of the best options to try.

Is There a CBD Cream?

Yes, and as more and more people are discovering the potential benefits of CBD, creams with CBD are becoming very popular.

But what is CBD cream?

CBD cream, which often includes balms and ointments, is a topical application of cannabidiol. This cream provides localized effects rather than the systemic effects that edible products or inhalation can provide.

When CBD is applied topically, it doesn’t enter the bloodstream.

This application method makes CBD cream a good option for people who aren’t used to CBD and are less comfortable taking it but still want to benefit from CBD’s potential pain-relieving abilities.

How Does CBD Cream Work?

Compared to ingesting CBD, which can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to take effect, localized effects can be felt relatively quickly when CBD is applied topically.

This rapid absorption and the inherent benefits of CBD make CBD cream an excellent option for relieving pain, inflammation, and tension in certain parts of the body.

Research shows that topical application of CBD significantly reduced pain in some patients with peripheral neuropathy and reduced localized muscle and tissue pain.

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Application of CBD Cream

To apply a CBD cream, rub it on the affected area, such as a sore knee or neck. The cream is absorbed by the skin and then binds to the numerous cannabinoid receptors in the different layers of the skin.

However, each topical CBD product may have unique instructions. Some indicate using a small amount, while others encourage using a large amount.

Balms and ointments have a thicker consistency and often need to be warmed in the hands before applying to the desired area. And with some products, you don’t have to get your hands’ dirty thanks to ball or stick applicators.

CBD Skincare Benefits

Although research on CBD is still in its infancy, what little we know about topical CBD products is promising in a few areas.

Skin Problems

Some preliminary research suggests that CBD may be helpful for specific skin conditions. Topical CBD products may be therapeutic for acne and eczema.

However, more research is needed to confirm CBD’s effect on skin conditions.

Pain and Inflammation

Topical CBD applications may help control pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

How to Choose a CBD Skin Cream

If you are looking for a CBD skin cream, you should consider some factors, such as the ones listed below.

Product Quality

It’s important to note that not all CBD products are created equal. CBD’s effectiveness depends on several factors, such as the quality of the product.

CBD Source

Do your homework to find out where the CBD is sourced and extracted. CBD manufacturers can obtain hemp from a variety of locations throughout the United States and beyond.

Find out where the CBD is grown to ensure that all agricultural guidelines for that area are followed and that the manufacturer is adhering to the FDA’s standards for good manufacturing practices, so you know you’re getting a safe and legal product.


It is important for you to read the ingredient label of any CBD product as it states the potency or dosage.

Most creams state the dosage in milligrams. It may be better to start with a low-dosage cream and switch to a higher dosage if needed.


Some CBD-based skin creams can be a bit more expensive. You should consider the price range and how often you will need to purchase the product.

A CBD cream is not always higher quality or offers additional benefits just because it is more expensive. It may be helpful to do a bit of research on the various products.

Organic CBD

A person may want to know if the other ingredients in a skin cream are organic and where or how the cannabis plant is grown.

Also, some CBD extraction processes use harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and leave traces in the final product.


Important medical and commercial standards must be considered:

  • Discloses the origin of its hemp.
  • Tested by a third party
  • Passes tests for pesticides and heavy metals.
  • Contains no more than 0.3% delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration

Homemade CBD Cream

You can easily make your own homemade CBD cream from:

  • CBD oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Vitamin K essential oil

Coconut oil is solid below room temperature (77 degrees), but it melts easily when warmed with your hands. It’s best to store coconut oil away from heat.

You may use this homemade CBD cream for arthritis and generally as a skin care lotion, as Vitamin K is good for helping damaged skin.

It is very easy to make and much cheaper than buying expensive CBD skincare products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBD Lotions Legal?

CBD lotions made from hemp with a THC content of less than 0.3% are legally allowed in the US. However, they are still illegal under some states’ laws.

Is a CBD Cream Effective for Pain?

It’s certainly possible. CBD has a positive effect on pain. However, more research is needed to confirm the effects of topical CBD.

Do CBD Lotions Have an Effect?

CBD lotions may help reduce inflammation and pain and inflammation and positively affect various skin conditions such as eczema. However, more research is needed.

Why is CBD Cream so Popular?

CBD is taking the world by storm and shows no signs of slowing down. With many health benefits and the potential for a breakthrough in several conditions, it seems to be the solution to countless current health problems.

With the potential for use in treating anxiety, depression, and substance abuse, among a long list, CBD cream has many applications.


Although there is limited information on the efficacy of CBD as a topical product, many consumers report successfully using topical products to relieve various ailments.

CBD-based topical products can help manage pain and skin problems such as eczema and acne. If you’re seeking the greatest therapeutic benefits, opt for potent and organic ingredients whenever possible.