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Who We Are

At Craveskincare.com, we all believe that taking care of your skin is the ultimate act of self-care. But we’re also real people with everyday skin issues of our own.

We face a daily battle with an inflammatory skin condition called Rosacea – red, rashy, sometimes pimply, irritated skin that is highly reactive to everything. And as we got older, our faces only became more irritated and inflamed. But there were wrinkles, thinning skin, and textural changes that we could not ignore.

So we know first-hand how confusing skincare can be. From understanding why you just got hit with adult acne to figuring out whether Retinol, Vitamin C, or AHA is the secret to glowing and healthier skin, we’re here to help you.

We break down the buzziest cosmetics ingredients, share easy tips from dermatologists and scientists and show you how to do easy and safe skincare routines like a pro.

A good skincare routine is only as good as the products you use. While high-quality products can help your skin look better now and in the future, poor-quality products can be ineffective and even cause harm. At Crave Skincare, we explain more about the importance of quality skincare and products.

Our Mission

At Crave Skincare, our mission is simple: We’re here to help you put your best face forward. We firmly believe that taking care of your skin is the ultimate act of self-care but understand how confusing it can be.

We take pride in providing a welcoming environment for anyone interested in discovering the joys of skincare.

We do not believe in impossible beauty standards. Instead, we celebrate our differences and the characteristics that distinguish us. Your skin type is unique, and we want to help you take care of it!

Editorial Standards 

Our content gets fact-checked for accuracy, and each article goes through two layers of review by editors and professional fact-checkers.

They go through every fact, statistic, and statement with a critical eye, cross-checking our articles with the latest studies and clinical research.

To ensure that everything you read in Crave Skincare is accurate and based on scientific facts and expertise, we consult and reference the work of leading experts in cosmetology, dermatology, and top beauty professionals.

If global skincare and beauty trends such as the expansion of CBD products in skincare might have limited scientific backing yet, then we will still cover them. 

At the same time, we will always highlight the fact that there might be limited scientific research and the current limitations, pros, and cons for our readers. 

Simply put, at Crave Skincare, our readers come first. Therefore we publish every article with the intention of helping you feel more confident in your skincare journey. Many of our articles are inspired by your feedback and comments. You can send us a note at [email protected].

Editor in Chief

megan kelly

Megan Kelly, Editor in Chief

Megan is the Editor in Chief of Crave Skincare. She is a former senior beauty editor covering the beauty and wellness space. She received a BS in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing from The Fashion Institute of Technology.

In her spare time, she can be found testing the latest skincare products, teaching yoga, and educating people on the best practices of sunscreen usage.

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