What Colors Look Good on Pale Skin?

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The color of your dress should complement your skin’s complexion and draw attention to your eyes and lips. Every stylist knows this unique fashion tip.

Once you’ve discovered your most flattering shades, you can use this guide to help you choose colors that catch the eye. But what colors look good on pale skin?

For pale skin greens, red, navy blue, and pink tends to be best, as well as darker variations of these shades. You can go for colors like red, royal blue, navy blue, emerald green, lime green, bright shades of pink, and maroon. Avoid pastel shades because that will make your skin look dull and washed out.

In this article, you’ll learn how to identify your skin tone, including pale skin, and which colors suit you best.

What Colors Look Good on Pale Skin?

The colors that complement your skin tone are used in the clothes that best suit your skin tone, making you stand out from the crowd. If you wear clothes that don’t match your skin tone, your hair and skin can look dull or unhealthy.

Some shades work well for a pale complexion with pink undertones because they are naturally warm, vibrant, and inviting.

For a pale complexion, dark greens, navy blues, and vibrant blues tend to be best, as well as darker variations of the same shades.

The warm undertones and pale complexions of pale people with peach to yellow or golden skin can be accentuated by wearing colors that match their faces. Emerald green, navy blue, or any bold shade of blue you deem appropriate for a formal setting.

How to Choose Clothing for Your Skin Tone?

If you can tell if you have a warm or cool undertone, that can help you choose which colors to base your wardrobe on. You can tell a cool skin tone when your wrist has blue veins instead of green.

Your skin probably has a warm tone if your eyes are greener. If you can’t identify your skin tone, you probably have a neutral skin tone.

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To determine your skin’s undertone, consider your skin color. You may have a cool or warm complexion, depending on your skin tone, also of contrasts.

The clothing that complements your complexion is an important consideration when you begin to fill your wardrobe. Misconceptions can be cleared up if you keep in mind that the undertone is different from the surface tone of your skin.

Your skin’s undertone is more important than your skin tone when choosing clothes to match your skin tone.

These are the types of skin undertones: warm, cool, and neutral, despite the wide variety of skin tones. In contrast, cool skin tones have pink undertones, while warm skin tones have yellowish undertones.

The undertones of a neutral skin color are a mixture of warm and cool tones. The undertone of your skin does not change with your tan, while the color of the skin’s surface does.

When trying to find the right colors for your complexion, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You don’t have to be an expert in this area, but we recommend finding the colors that best suit your complexion and needs.

If you want to look good and feel good, you need to find the right colors and the right shades of those colors.

No matter what you’ve been taught, choosing the right dress color for your complexion can positively impact your appearance.

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What Colors are Suitable for Pale Skin?

Here’s a quick list of colors that go best with a pale complexion, followed by explanations of why these colors are best.

1. Emerald Green

Vibrant but deep green is an excellent choice if you have pale skin. This shade contrasts quite well with fair skin without looking harsh. People with brown or green eyes will look great with this shade as it complements their skin tone.

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2. Neutrals

Wearing neutral colors is a safe bet if you have fair skin. Don’t choose a shade that is too similar to your skin tone. Browns and grays are good color choices. With a moderate contrast, neutrals go well with all skin tones.

3. Blue

If blue is the same color as the veins on a person’s skin, it can look strange to them. This will make the color of their underlying tone stand out negatively. Even if it doesn’t, it can give you an unappealing look.

Choosing the wrong shade of blue can make you look sick and cold. After all, blue is the coldest of all colors.

Try navy blue! Adding a touch of navy blue to your look is an easy way to upgrade it. They say that the navy gives you a more imposing presence because of its strength. Think of a royal blue that can enhance your look rather than detract from it.

4. Red

A few splashes can liven up an outfit if you’re a fan of bold power tones.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t be afraid to wear dominant colors. Ruby red and deep purple are good choices for a pale complexion.

5. Jewelry Colors

Some people can wear silver jewelry better, while others are more comfortable with gold jewelry. You don’t need to worry about that because we’ll get to that later. Jewelry in cool colors like silver or even colored gemstones is a safe choice for fashion.

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Wearing colored jewelry is a safe bet if you have a pale complexion to brighten up the face and make it appear warmer. All colored jewelry can be worn as long as it is a light color.

What Colors to Avoid if You Have Pale Skin?

People with a cool complexion should avoid soft pastels and bold hues when it comes to clothing. As for neutral colors, instead of white, light beige, or stone, go for more intense shades like sand, camel, khaki, and slate gray.

However, this does not mean that colors cannot be used as a means of expression. It just means that light and dark colors should be used together.

1. Pastel Colors

You don’t want to give the impression that your suit has been washed. This means that you should avoid some pastel colors. Some pastel colors can make your skin appear much darker than it already is.

If you choose the wrong shade of pastel, people may mistakenly assume that you are weak. You can look washed out if your clothes or makeup are “washed out” colors.

However, it is possible to look even more tanned by wearing pastel shades if you are already well tanned. You only need a certain amount of tan pigment in your skin to achieve this look. Stay away from most pastel shades if you are not yet tanned.

Keep it away from your face, and don’t wear it alone if you like the color. Choose a soft color like baby blue, but don’t let it overpower the rest of your outfit. To make a difference, remember to wear colored socks or a pocket square.

2. Black or White

It’s just as important to avoid strong colors as it is to avoid dull tones. Black is not as universal as you think, even though you may have heard otherwise. To avoid looking like you have a pale complexion, skip wearing white or black clothes.

Because of your fair skin, the stark contrast between black and white will lead to an unflattering result. As a result, your skin will look paler.

Conversely, if you have a pale complexion, white may not provide enough contrast and may even make you look sickly. White should be avoided as it is too close to your natural skin tone and will cause a color clash.

What Can I do to Improve the Appearance of My Pale Skin?

Red, pink, or peach are suitable choices for your lips.

If you have a fair complexion and want to wear lipstick or lip gloss, you can try a deep berry shade. Women with pale skin tend to find orange and brown lipsticks and lip gloss less attractive.

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What Colors Go Well with Pale Skin and Cool Undertones?

Popular belief says that pale skin with cool undertones is at the extreme end of the color spectrum. So, if you want to know which colors go best with cool skin tones, you need to try several different color combinations.

Colors like emerald, deep purple, lavender, pink, ice blue, and bold blues are great for pale skin with cool undertones.

Make your outfit a little sexier by using a warm color like yellow, rose red, or ruby. Besides your pale skin and cool tones, your hair color is also an important factor to consider.

The pale skin and cool undertones of people with dark hair can be accentuated by using hair dyes that lighten these dark colors to light browns and ashes. It doesn’t look aggressive and can lighten your skin in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors will help you look less pale?

While we advise you to avoid black and white, we recommend shades of red, blue, brown, and green. These hues have the power to revitalize your skin and give it much-needed vitality. They will not make you look washed out or sallow, but on the contrary, you will look less pale.

Can I wear red if I am pale?

Pale people with pale pink cheeks may not look good in red, but paler people with white cheeks may look better in red.


So what colors look good on pale skin? If you have pale skin, you can wear any of the colors mentioned in this article. Colors like royal blue, navy blue, emerald green, lime green, and bright shades of pink and maroon are a safe bet.

It’s up to you to pick the color that makes you feel the most comfortable and confident in public and gets you the most compliments. Therefore, we suggest trying different colors before deciding which is the best for you.


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